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With a COMPLETE Automatic Solution

EPS machine

molding machines
eps machine

EPS EPP ETPU Smart factory complete solution provider

Product Portfolio

EPS EPP ETPU complete line

eps molding machine

EPS Molding press

eps expander

EPS Pre-expander

central vacuum

Central vacuum system

EPS smart factory
Fully automatic EPS production line
eps smart factory

we are able to offer complete solution to customers to build fully automatic production line

From EPS smart silo system,intelligent EPS Pre-expander,fully Automatic EPS,EPP molding machine with automatic over top robot,to Automatic EPS piece handling line

Real Production Monitoring System

Watch panel
EPS EPP production monitoring system

Alessio Cloud Technology

The latest developed cloud technology of Alessia for automatic high-precision vacuum pre-expander , intelligent silo system, large mold surface high-efficiency automatic molding machine, and cloud total control of automatic assembly line for material handling.

eps molding plant
eps molding plant
eps molding plant
eps molding plant
eps molding plant
eps molding plant
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