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Brief introduction
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  • ALESSIO set its headquarter in Leidian High-end Equipment Industrial Park, Deqing, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. We focus on the development and manufacturing of EPS/EPP/ETPU pre-expansion and molding machinery.
  • we are recognized as the world's leading manufacturer of EPS/EPP/ETPU machinery.
  • Through continuous introduction of foreign advanced technology and continuous independent research and development and innovation effort, our current business involves the complete upstream and downstream industrial chain of thermoplastic foam particles after years of dedicated effort in R&D and accumlated expertise and know-how in the sector
  • we’re committed to provide customers with complete overall solutions. ALESSIO is today synonymous of a partner with great dedication to its field and customers.
  • we're able to make a big difference for your EPS/EPP process with our years of expertise,know-how,and state of the art process technology,we're being followed by many but have never been outrun.
  • Our machinery excel in packaging, thermal insulation, logistics, and green building sectors. we’re confidence to lead the industry via serious commitment to customers and non-stop involvement in Research.

ALESSIO'S expertise

Elite team
EPS EPP production monitoring system
EPS EPP production monitoring system
  • Alessio has a group of energetic team members. We are engaged in automation control, system integration, software development, thermoplastic foam particle foam molding, new polymer materials, supercritical carbon dioxide physical foaming, new energy vehicles .
  • There are many experienced professional and technical personnel in the fields of battery packaging and other fields, and many team members have professional technical titles.
  • Our European R&D Center has a number of specially-appointed doctorates in materials engineering from the University of Turin, Italy, and University of Milan, Italy.
  • There are several bachelors in electrical and mechanical engineering. The technology research and development center of Zhejiang headquarters has a number of electrical engineering automation professionals from Zhejiang University of Technology, as well as management professionals from Henan University of Science and Technology

Alessio Cloud Technology

The latest developed cloud technology of Alessia for automatic high-precision vacuum pre-expander , intelligent silo system, large mold surface high-efficiency automatic molding machine, and cloud total control of automatic assembly line for material handling.

eps molding plant cloud technology
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